Food Program

The Environmental Health Division licenses and inspects food service establishments to ensure that safe food is provided to the public.


Food Service Establishments, Special Transitory Food Units (STFU), and Mobile Food Establishments must be licensed through our office. A license is good May 1 through the following April 30. Renewal applications typically get sent out to establishments mid to late March and must be paid for by April 30. The food license shall be visible to customers, staff and inspectors at all times. 
MDARD Type Guide to Food Licenses:
*please note all fees associated with MDARD are not the fees associated with Jackson County Health Department.

Plan Review:

All documents must be completed and submitted with appropriate fees. After the food coordinator approves documents a restaurant type will be assigned. The fees associated with the type must be paid and a license application must be submitted. After the fees and application have been turned in a pre-opening inspection will be conducted. If the inspection passes the establishment can open to the public. A license should be mailed to the establishment within a few weeks. 

STFU Intent to Serve Form
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Emergency Action Plans for Retail Food Establishments

(PDF) Emergency Action Plans for Retail Food Establishments Guide