• Ella (female 79/Y) banded in 2010, was seen at the Lansing Board of Water and Light in September 2016 with with Eckert (B/G *P/*H)
  • The Lansing Michigan Peregrine Falcons shared photos of Ella in the nesting box preparing for the 2017 season, this would be the first breeding for Ella and Eckert.  Continue watching  Lansing Michigan Peregrine Falcons for more photos and updates.
  • Ella laid four (4) eggs in 2017 on: April 10, April 12, April 14 and April 17
    • Eggs hatched on: May 19, May 20 and 21 (one remaining to hatch)



  • Freedom (male 09/P), banded in 2012, was first seen nesting at Wayne State University, Wayne, Michigan in 2014.
  • Peregrine Falcons Southeast Michigan shared a photo of sighting at Wayne State University (June 15, 2016)
  • In 2016, Freedom (male 09/P) and Isabella(27/K hatched at LG &E Plant, Bedford KY in 2013) produced three chicks
    • One unbanded male chick and two unbanded chicks
  • May 23, 2017 UpdateFreedom (male 09/P) was sighted bringing a Northern Flicker to his mate Isabella(27/K). Isabella plucked the feathers from the N. Flicker, flew in a circle over Cass Ave. then took it into the balcony to hopefully feed some chicks.