Chip Seal Program 2017

JCDOT has recently acquired new equipment to improve our chip seal process. The chip seal process is the alternating application of asphalt layers with layers of fine aggregate to a pavement’s surface. This process seals in cracks to form safer and more stabilized roads.

Two asphalt distributors, a chip spreader, and a pneumatic roller were purchased through an equipment bond. The distributors and the chip spreader are full width, covering 22-24 feet, while the roller is capable of rolling 12 feet in one pass. Each vehicle has an essential role in the chip seal process. Our asphalt distributors first apply a coating of hot liquid asphalt emulsion to the road surface. Then, the chip spreader follows by bonding the evenly layered crushed stone to form a solid, skid-resistant surface. Finally, the pneumatic roller completes the process by tightly sealing the stone into the emulsion.

As part of the on-going maintenance of our local roads, the Jackson County Department of Transportation will be Chip Sealing the following roads in 2017:


Road                              Location

S. Sandstone Road       Michigan Ave. to South Twp. Line

McCain Road                 Reynolds Rd. to Summit Twp. Line

McCain Road                 West Summit Twp. Line to Robinson Rd.

S. Jackson Road            South Summit Twp. Line to Ferguson Rd.

S. Jackson Road            Vicary Rd. to N. Liberty Twp. Line

Springbrook Road          South Summit Twp. Line to Horton Rd.

Springbrook Road          Liberty Rd. to N. Liberty Twp. Line

Folks Road                     Pulaski Rd. to Luttenton Rd.

Pulaski Road                  South County Line to N. Pulaski Twp. Line

Pulaski Road                  South Concord Twp. Line to South Concord Village Limit

N. Concord Road            M-60 to North Concord Twp. Line

N. Concord Road            South Parma Twp. Line to Michigan Ave.

N. Parma Road               North Parma Village Limit to Springport/Tompkins Twp. Line

N. Parma Road               Springport/Tompkins Twp. Line to Clinton Rd.

Maines Road                   Parma Rd. to Wellman Rd.

Tompkins Road               Woodard Rd. to Grand River Rd.

chip seal 2017