Exercise Schedule


Low Impact Aerobics - This class, led by an Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program Instructor, includes head-to-toe stretching, as well as non-jarring, low-impact cardio-respiratory exercise routines to fun music, to help strengthen the heart, lungs and muscles.  The class concludes with floor and/or chair-based activities that promote full-body strength.  Casual clothes and supportive, rubber-soled shoes are recommended.


Line Dancing - Beginner Class & Advanced Beginner Class:  An experienced volunteer Instructor will lead the beginning participant, step-by-step, through popular line dance moves and routines.  Supportive, leather-soled shoes are best for this class.


Classes Begin October 18
An experienced Instructor will teach participants how to do the Swing, Fox Trot, Waltz, and other such social ballroom dances.  Casual clothes and supportive, leather-soled shoes are recommended.


Exercises from a Chair
This class, led by an experienced volunteer Instructor, includes stretching, non-jarring chair and standing exercises, as well as strengthening activities, to promote full-body fitness.  Casual clothes and supportive, rubber-soled shoes are recommended.


Yoga is a unification of mind, body and breath work, working together to promote health and well-being through postural alignment, flexibility and the practice of mindfulness.  By actively stretching the muscles in our bodies in conjunction with diaphragmatic breathing, we increase our vitality and stamina while enhancing a sense of calm and serenity to use in our day to day living.  By listening, feeling and breathing you can reap the benefits of a yoga practice, regardless of your age or fitness level.