Fog Seal

Fog sealing as part of the 2019 Road Preservation and Chip Seal Program will begin on Saturday, September 7th, weather permitting. Treatments are intermittently scheduled over the next two weeks.

Roads in Blackman, Columbia, Concord, Hanover, Henrietta, Leoni, Liberty, Parma, Rives, Sandstone, Summit, and Tompkins townships will be treated.

Fog seal is a special coating comprised of asphalt oil mixed with water that is applied to the roadway surface. Fog seals are a low-cost treatment used to help preserve existing hot-mix asphalt pavement surfaces. It extends the life of the pavement by binding to the road surface as it dries, leaving a tough film that essentially waterproofs the surface.

Fog seal looks dark and shiny when it is first applied, drying to a black matte finish within about an hour. JCDOT directs traffic in an effort to avoid material splattering on vehicles during and immediately after fog sealing projects, including the posting of reduced speeds in work zones, and closing roadways or lanes. Motorists can help protect their vehicles by waiting to drive on the roads until they are reopened by JCDOT or seeking alternative routes.

2019 Fog Seal - Map