Quarantine and Isolation

Quarantine- Action to take when exposed to a contagious disease

When you have been exposed to COVID-19 it will likely take a few days before you develop symptoms, which is referred to as the incubation period.  If you did get exposed to enough virus, and it multiplies in your body, and is not neutralized by your immune system, you will develop COVID.  In the 2 days before symptoms start, it is possible that there is enough virus in your system that you can be contagious and spread it to others.  What this means is that the best way to know you are not going to make someone else sick, is to stay apart from others after you have been exposed.

Isolation - What to do when you are confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19

If you have tested positive or are presumed to have COVID (possibly due to exposure from someone who has been confirmed to have COVID), you can be contagious and need to isolate to keep from spreading it to others.  Staying separate for a few days is how you can help keep your family, friends, co-workers, and our community healthy.

Details about how to quarantine or isolate

The most up to date guidance for isolation and quarantine is available on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website.  The Jackson County Health Department is following these recommendations.

CDC - Isolation