Lead Exceedance in Blackman Township Water

LEAD EXCEEDANCE for WATER in BLACKMAN TOWNSHIP - Blackman Township Water Supply Action Level Exceedance for Lead

As part of their routine monitoring requirements, Blackman Township conducted water sampling for lead and copper in August and September.  A few of these samples tested high for lead.  As required, the township issued a Water Testing Notice on October 26th for those township residents who receive their water from the municipal water supply. Some water supply customers may be eligible to receive free filters for their drinking and cooking water. These filters will take out any lead that might be in the water.

To see if you are eligible to receiWebflash Faucets Opens in new windowve a free filter, please see and fill out the Filter Submittal Form.  If you do not qualify for a free filter, you can purchase faucet mount or pitcher filters at many retail stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, Meijers and Walmart. 

We have also provided a picture of various types of faucets to help you determine what kind of filter you would need to purchase or receive, faucet mount or pitcher type.

For more detailed information about lead, see our JCHD Lead Poisoning webpage.  There are many more common sources of lead that children and pregnant women may be exposed to.