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When a record is set aside it no longer becomes accessible to public records, so employers and others cannot locate them.

Charges that are not eligible for Clean Slate:

Not every conviction is eligible for Clean Slate. For example, crimes punishable by a life sentence are never eligible. The Court won’t erase certain convictions because of what their nature suggests.

Most ineligible convictions are:

Convictions punishable by a maximum of a life sentence

Human and sex trafficking

Convictions involving sexual offenses, such as rape, child molestation and sexual assault

DUIs when it is not your first offense

Traffic violations that result in injury or death

Domestic violence convictions where the 1st conviction was a misdemeanor and the 2nd was a felony

2nd Felony for the same crime when it is punishable by more than 10 years

Michigan State Police (MSP) process applications. Once MSP has the required documentation, please allow up to two months for your Criminal History Report to be processed. The Department of Attorney General’s response will be processed up to three months after the Criminal History Report has been completed.

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