Myth vs Fact

Read through some common misconceptions about COVID and review the facts. References are included to provide more detailed explanations.  

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1) The mRNA in the vaccines changes your DNA. 

mRNA vaccines work by teaching cells in the body to create a harmless protein. The protein triggers an immune response creating antibodies that protect us. (Centers for Disease Control)

2) Vaccines are not effective because you can still get the virus.

Breakthrough cases can happen. Vaccines can reduce the risk of hospitalization and death by making the illness less severe. (Johns Hopkins Medicine) 

3) Masks are not effective against slowing the spread of COVID. 


Masks have been proven to reduce the spread of respiratory droplets, the main form of spreading COVID. When in close contact with others, masks protect you from others and others from you if you are infected. A proper fitting mask provides the best protection. ( 

4) The vaccine causes infertility in both males and females.

There is currently no evidence that the vaccines cause problems with getting pregnant or infertility in males. (Centers for Disease Control)

5) The coronavirus is the same as the flu.


COVID-19 symptoms take longer to appear and make spreads faster than the flu. COVID-19 may cause more severe illness such as blood clots or inflammation in multiple organs. COVID-19 is causing long term lung damage by scarring lung tissue making people more prone to illnesses in the future. (Centers for disease Control)

6) Ivermectin cures or prevents COVID-19.


Ivermectin is not approved by the FDA for any viral infection. Few studies have been done on its effects against COVID-19 and doses would need to be 100 times the approved dose for humans. No benefit or worsening of disease was found. Ivermectin has not been proven safe for pregnant mothers. (National Institutes of Health)

7) Minorities were not included in the vaccine studies. 

Minorities were more represented in the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson than previous drug testing and were just as effective for minorities. (Department of Health and Human Services)





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