Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Jackson County government, in cooperation with the community and local government units, strives through a planned process to deliver quality services that address public needs.

Core Values


We strive for great work, to get it right the first time, and to constantly review the way we do business to produce quality services.


We must be open and honest with ourselves, each other, and our citizens. People with integrity do the right thing when no one's looking.


We're all in it together working to improve Jackson County, the place we live, work, play and raise our children.


The interconnected society we live in requires us to work together to solve community problems.


We can't waste time, money, ideas or talents. We have to do the most with the least to derive a good value for the Citizen's tax dollar.


The County will be held responsible to the public for resources entrusted in our care.

Vision Statement

  • Safe Community - Jackson County is a partnership of self-sustaining people with shared values where residents peacefully coexist and participate in all aspects of life. Citizens know how to access a wide variety of services when needed. Jackson is a safe community where public safety presence is felt but not needed - a great place to live, work, and play.
  • Economic Development - Jackson County's diverse economy and innovative economic development efforts ensure continued growth and vibrancy within the local, regional, state, and global marketplace.
  • Healthy Community - Jackson County residents enjoy phenomenal health through affordable, accessible healthcare; a community commitment to wellness; and increased public recreation options.
  • Cultural and Recreational Opportunities - Jackson County's wealth of cultural opportunities, recreational activities, community amenities, and neighborly environment makes it one of Michigan's most desirable places to live, work, and play.
  • Cooperation Between Governments - Jackson County provides effective and economical services for all citizens by working cooperatively and collaboratively with other units of government.
  • Education - Jackson County recognizes education fuels a thriving community and provides a progressive environment that promotes education to all levels to give residents a competitive advantage.