Economic Development

An Airplane on the runway at night



Our vision is to attract new business and expand existing businesses by retraining the workforce in in-demand fields and offering these businesses incentives to come to Jackson, and stay in Jackson by implementing the Jackson County Economic Development Plan Recommendations.

Action Steps

  • Select an Economic Development Coordinating Council.
  • Continue business retention/expansion effort focused on existing base industries: utilities, manufacturing, retail and education.
  • Creation of easily accessible, timely, accurate, relevant data to assist business attraction efforts.
  • Collaborate with community and the business sector to create a "Culture of Education" that provides an educated and skilled workforce, meeting the needs of the business community.
  • Increase certification and graduation, employment, and median household income.
  • Regular meetings of respective sub-committees plus analysis of improvements to infrastructure.

Measurements of Success

  • Increase the number of residents who have a positive perception of retail growth.
  • Increase the number of residents who have a positive perception of job growth.
  • Increase the number of residents who say employment opportunities are good or excellent.
  • Decrease the number of residents who say speed of job growth is somewhat too slow or much to slow.
  • Retention of existing jobs.
  • Attraction of new business.
  • Expansion of existing business through capital investment or additional jobs.
  • Certification and graduation rates.
  • Increase employment rate.
  • Increase median household income.