Community & Social Supports


To ensure a system of support for members of our community and to serve as a leader to the human services community, to coordinate and facilitate sufficient delivery and improve access to services within a person centered framework.

For further information on the Community Social Supports Strand, review the Issue Analysis (PDF).
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Action Steps

  • Improve collaboration and coordination among community support organizations
  • Increase non-profit knowledge of possible resources
  • Determine and utilize a method for matching organizational capacities with community needs
  • Improving alignment, involvement and support for Jackson collaboration groups in the Human Services Coordinating Alliance
  • Utilize data to inform revision of strategies

Measurements of Success

  • Increase membership in the Human Services Coordinating Alliance (HSCA) by 30% and active participation by 50%.
  • Local collaborative/coalitions will be represented by a liaison providing quarterly updates on activities, achievements and progress in meeting community need for their area of service by September 2013.
  • Improve the ability to meet top 3 unmet needs as identified through community needs assessments and 2-1-1 baseline annual data by 10% in each area.

Human Services Coordinating Alliance

For information about Community and Social Supports work done by the Human Services Coordinating Alliance visit the Jackson County Human Services Coordinating Alliance website.