Improved Work Environment

Improved Work Environment Vision
Jackson County employees are an engaged self-motivated and collaborative team supported by committed, effective leadership to serve the public.

View a brief outline of the vision, action steps, and desired outcomes for Jackson County's 2014-2020 Strategic Plan for an Improved Work Environment (PDF). For further information on the Improved Work Environment, view the Issue Analysis (PDF).

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Action Steps

After working through the comments of the focus groups, the following are five (5) areas of focus for the next strategic plan.
  • Employee Development and Growth
    • Assist County employees with their professional growth and development.
  • Management and Supervision Development
    • Increase the management and supervisory skills of county employees.
  • Process Improvement
    • Provide training in Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) and implement a process improvement model.
  • Organizational Culture
    • Improve the organizational culture of Jackson County.
  • Communication
    • Improve communication with all staff.

Measurements of Success

  • Increase the number of employees exposed to the HPO philosophy by attending at least one workshop per year.
  • 80% of Department heads and supervisory staff attend at least one workshop per year.
  • Increase the number of annual employee performance reviews by 50%.
  • Increase the number of employees reporting that they received feedback from their supervisor.
  • Administrator/Controller's Office communicating with employees on a monthly basis.
  • Increase the percentage of employees who somewhat or strongly agree that they feel confident in the direction that management is leading the organization.
  • Increase the percentage of citizens who believe the overall direction of Jackson County is good or excellent.