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1. I think that my child is being abused/neglected during parenting time spent with the other parent. What should I do?
2. Do I have to have an attorney to file a Motion Regarding Parenting Time, Support or Custody?
3. My order states that I have “reasonable” parenting time. What does that mean?
4. The other party is not following our parenting time provisions. What can I do?
5. The other party never returns clothing or other personal items after parenting time. What can I do?
6. The other party never exercises his/her parenting time. Can you enforce that he/she see the child(ren)?
7. My children do not want to visit with the other parent. Do I have to make them go?
8. I believe the other party is using drugs and/or under the influence of alcohol. Do I have to allow the children to go with parent for scheduled parenting time?