How can I find out if a loved one is lodged or if they have a bond?
You may call (517) 768-7911 and then follow the prompts.

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1. How do I get a copy of a traffic crash report?
2. What should I do when I need non-emergency police services?
3. Where is the Jackson County Office of the Sheriff located?
4. How do I get Jail Information?
5. If I know someone with an outstanding warrant, how do I get them arrested?
6. Where do I call if I want to give information without giving my name?
7. I have had my fingerprints taken before, must I do it again?
8. I would like to make a police report, who do I call?
9. I have called and left a message for a deputy and they haven't called me back yet, why?
10. I need to speak to a particular deputy but they never answer the phone number they provided me on their card.
11. I hit a deer on my way to work and need to make a report. I have continued on to work and would like to make the report.
12. Do I or someone I know have a warrant?
13. I have court ordered fingerprints or DNA Sample how do I get them done?
14. I need to get a background check done for a job. Do you do them there?
15. I want to report a loose/vicious dog near my residence but I can’t locate a phone number for Animal Control.
16. My ex-spouse/girlfriend refused me visitation with my child and I have paperwork showing it is my time to have him/her. I want the police to go and pick up my child and turn him/her over to me.
17. What do I do to sell a handgun to someone if they do not have a Concealed Pistol License?
18. What do I do to sell a handgun to someone if they have a Concealed Pistol License?
19. What steps do I take to buy a handgun?
20. What do I need to bring to obtain a License to purchase a handgun?
21. How much does it cost for a License to Purchase a handgun?
22. I inherited a handgun, how do I get it registered?
23. I just moved to Michigan from another state, how to I get my handguns registered?
24. I have a License to Purchase a handgun, now what?
25. Must I return a completed Pistol Sales Record or License to Purchase form in person?
26. I purchased a pre-paid phone card for an inmate. When will they receive it?
27. I deposited money in an inmate’s account. When will they get it?
28. Am I able to put money in to an inmate’s account without having to go to the jail?
29. Am I able to call the jail so that the staff can pass a message to an inmate?
30. When may I come to visit an inmate?
31. May I bring a child to visitation?
32. How can I find out if a loved one is lodged or if they have a bond?
33. Why is my loved one on restriction and unable to get a visit?
34. How do I reach the deputy investigating my case.