Chip Seal Program

2019 Chip Seal program will begin Thursday, August 22nd, weather permitting. The program is scheduled to run approximately three weeks.

Various county roads will be treated in Summit, Henrietta, Concord, Hanover, Liberty, Rives, Tompkins, Parma, Sandstone, Leoni, Blackman, and Columbia townships.

Chip sealing is a process used to preserve and treat asphalt roads with a liquid asphalt oil and water mixture covered by crushed stone. It provides a new roadway surface and helps to prevent pavement deterioration. Application at the right time can extend the life of a roadway surface for about three to five years.

After years of traffic and winter freeze-thaw cycles, small cracks develop in roadway pavement. If left untreated, moisture seeps into these cracks and eventually forms potholes when the water freezes and expands. As the name implies, a chip seal treatment seals such cracks and thus helps to prevent potholes from developing. It also provides a waterproof membrane and improves traction.

Chip sealing is an important component of JCDOT’s pavement preservation program. Roads are selected each year based on surface type, condition, age, traffic volume, safety factors, and the availability of funding. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) reports that for every dollar invested in extending roadway life through pavement preservation, $6 to $14 is saved in future roadway rehabilitation and construction costs.

JCDOT makes every effort to reduce vehicle damage during and immediately after chip seal projects, including the posting of reduced speeds in work zones; closing roadways or lanes during chip seal projects; and sweeping the roadway after project completion to eliminate loose stones. Motorists can help protect their vehicles when driving through chip seal project areas in the following ways:

  • Use alternate routes
  • Slow down. High speeds can cause loose stones to scatter and damage vehicle paint and windshields.
  • Increase distance between vehicles. Leave space between you and other vehicles to reduce damage caused by loose stones.
  • Follow posted work zone signage, use caution and consider worker safety when traveling through a work zone

Door hangers will be going out soon to residents on roads that will be chip sealed this year.  Please click on the following link for a map and list of affected roads.  

2019 Chip Seal Map

Please note that this information is tentative, and it will be updated as more information becomes available. Please check back for the latest updates.  
As always, schedules are dependent on many factors, including weather.