Pro Confesso Format

In an attempt at judicial economy, after the witness is identified, questions to the witness at a Pro Confesso Hearing shall be limited to the following, absent good cause shown:

  1. Were the allegations contained in the Complaint for Divorce true at the time it was signed?
  2. Are there any living minor children who were born or adopted during the marriage?
  3. To the best of your knowledge are you pregnant?/Is your wife pregnant?
  4. Is there any reasonable chance of you and your spouse reconciling?
  5. Have you voluntarily approved the proposed Judgment of Divorce? Is the marital property being equitably divided between you and your spouse?
  6. In cases with children, counsel or unrepresented parties should advise the court as follows:
A. Is there a guideline deviation? If so, the amount that support should be pursuant to the guidelines and the reasons why there is a deviation.
B. Has the judgment been approved by the Friend of the Court?

If the Judgment is not signed at the time of the pro con hearing, the proofs will be preserved for 21 days. If a Judgment is not presented within 21 days (MCR 3.211F[1]), an additional pro con hearing will be necessary.