Online Payments & Court Records

  • Payment made online may take 24-72 hours to post to your court case.

  • Civil cases 

    must be paid directly to the plaintiff.  Payments made online will be cancelled less the associated credit card fees.  
  • Circuit Court cases

    must be paid by calling the County Clerk's office at 517-788-4268 or online.  Circuit Court case payments made in District Court will be cancelled less the associated credit card fees.

*** If paying on a misdemeanor case, please read the Advice of Rights information and note:  Paying on your case will be accepted as a plea if applicable and acknowledgment of you receiving these rights  

Case Lookup 

To look up your case information and/or fines and costs, click here.    


To make a District Court online payment, you must know the payment amount and case number to be paid on (look up case here).  Once you know your case number, payments can be submitted: HERE

If you need to look up your case for payment amount and case number, please search your case above and then return to the above link. 

Please note:  If you have just received a ticket, you must wait to pay the ticket until fines show up in the case lookup.  Any fee paid before fines are posted on case lookup will be cancelled, less the associated credit card fees.