Eviction Proceedings

The following legal proceedings are governed by Michigan Statutes, the Revised Judicature Act, being MCL 554.134, MCL 600.5701, et seq. and Michigan Court Rules 4.200 et seq.

Please note: The following is provided for informational purposes. If you have specific legal questions, please consult an attorney for advice. The Court Staff is not authorized by law to give you legal advice. Staff will give you advice on procedural matters, such as documents you must file, the filing fees, and the availability of those who serve process.

Landlord/Tenant Eviction Proceedings

The institution of a suit to recover the possession of real property must be filed by the person who is the legal owner of the property. It cannot be filed by a property manager or agent. If the owner is a corporation or for some reason cannot represent him/herself, then an attorney must be retained. Property owned by a partnership may be represented by one of the partners. The 2 most common law suits for eviction are: (1) for non-payment of rent, (2) termination of tenancy. Each requires different procedures, as outlined below. Other types of eviction proceedings require different pleadings and proofs and it is recommended that in those cases legal assistance be obtained. The forms referred to hereafter may be obtained in the office of the Civil Division, or may be obtained by clicking on the desired form number. The original of the form will be filed with the court. There must be a copy for each party to the action.