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Youth Center

The Youth Center complex occupies 936 and 939 Fleming Street. The main building, used for housing juveniles, was constructed in 1969, with another addition added in 1992. This facility caters to the needs of local youths ranging in age from 11-17 years of age. This building can house 50 youths in the treatment and detention sections of the building.

The original County Juvenile Detention building was constructed in 1929 and is another Claire Allen designed building. While designed specifically for juvenile detention, the building has ornate exterior brick work and a grand main entrance. The main entrance has the marble stair case and panels, along with ornate columns on the exterior of the entrance. The entrance also has an original light fixture. Juvenile Court and Probation was also housed in this building from 1975 to 1999 when it was relocated to the main Courthouse. This building now houses the Rise Above juvenile diversion and tutoring program.
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