Helpful Info for Inmates

Inmate Commissary/Inmate Accounts

Money can be deposited 24 hours a day in the lobby of both jails via the kiosks or by visiting Please make sure to select the correct state and county for the information.

Smoke Free Environment

The County of Jackson has adopted a smoke free environment to all of its building. The Jackson County Jail has also adopted this policy. All tobacco products are considered contraband. Do not bring or leave any tobacco products on Jail property!

Barrier Free Accessibility

The Jackson County Jail is a barrier free environment. If you have barrier free concerns, please bring them to the attention of the Corrections Officers assigned to the visitation area. We will make barrier free access available to you.


In an effort to provide fair treatment to all and due to the large inmate population, we request that you follow the above listed rules. Corrections Officers are instructed to make no exceptions to jail policy. We make every attempt to treat everyone fairly and courteously. The Corrections Officer assigned to visitations may deny a visit if they believe that Jail Visitation policies have been violated or if it is in the interest of Jail safety or security.