Parenting Time Enforcement

If a party is denied parenting time as specified in their court order, it is the responsibility of the parent who was denied the parenting time to file a complaint with the Friend of the Court. Parenting Time Complaints must be submitted within 56 days of the alleged violation.

Complaint Form

 Print a version of the Parenting Time Complaint Form (PDF).

List of Provisions

Obtain a list of all enforceable and non-enforceable parenting time provisions (PDF).
The Friend of the Court commences enforcement of parenting time by sending a copy of the complaint to the accused party within 14 days after the FOC office receives the complaint. If the complaint is found to be a valid complaint, the FOC may; suggest "makeup" parenting time, schedule the parties for mediation, initiate a Show Cause Hearing for Contempt, file a motion to modify existing parenting time, or schedule a joint meeting with the parties. If the complaint is found to be invalid, correspondence will be sent to the complaining party as to why the complaint was not enforceable, and what the party's options may be.

Neither parent has the right to stop paying child support because parenting time is being denied. Conversely, neither parent has the right to withhold parenting time because child support is not being paid.