Cold Cases

The Cold Case Team is charged with reviewing unsolved homicides and reopening investigations as appropriate. They review cases and prioritize them based upon the likelihood of an eventual solution. The team is a cooperative effort involving the:
  • Blackman Leoni Department of Public Safety
  • Jackson County Sheriff Department
  • Jackson Police Department
  • Michigan State Police
  • Office of the Prosecuting Attorney

Cold Cases Solved

Cold Cases Solved 2011

Leon Mohead II - Homicide / Murder
Terrance Lamont Stevens - Manslaughter

Cold Cases Solved 2008

Anthony Deonique Clay - 1st Degree CSC

Cold Cases Solved 2006

Leonard V. Hugall - Murder

Cold Cases Solved 2005

Loren Depree Greene - CSC 1st degree/Home Invasion
William Hastings - 1st Degree Murder

Cold Cases Solved 2004

Roderick McGuire - 1st Degree Murder