The County of Jackson and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office dentified technology as the vehicle that will transport Jackson County to the future. In an effort to keep our community aware of the technological advancements, we have dedicated this page to upcoming and innovative technological products, concepts and events. Stop here often and view the future.

Mobile Data Computers

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office has utilized Mobile Data Computers (MDC) for the last 18 years. Deputies use the patrol vehicles as a mobile office and the goal is to keep the deputies on the street as much as possible and out of the office. The MDC allows the deputies to receive dispatches from 911, receive messages, research suspects, see where other units are located, control the in-car camera system, upload photos and dictated reports to supervisors, issue traffic citations, and complete police and crash reports. Most of our work product is paperless allowing for the use of less paper and streamlining processes.

Automatic Vehicle Locators

Each patrol vehicle is equipped with Automatic Vehicle Locators (AVL). AVL's  use global position to display the units location on a large map in Central Dispatch. Very soon all the patrol units in Jackson County will have this technology. This will allow E911 operators to directly dispatch a unit to a call and save time when dispatching police units to emergencies.

Electronic Ticketing

Each Patrol unit is equipped with electronic ticket software. This technology allows deputies to issue citations faster which keeps the violator and the Deputy more safe. The faster the interaction means less time parked along a busy road. Once issued, the citation is transmitted directly to the court. 

Mobile Fingerprint Scanners

Coming in January of 2017, the Jackson County Office of the Sheriff has purchased a Mobile Fingerprint Scanner utilizing grant funds. The scanners will be used on the street to identify subjects who have provided false information, and deceased unidentified persons. The subjects fingerprints are taken by the scanner, sent directly to the State of Michigan, and the identity is returned with minutes.  

Body Warn Cameras

Coming in 2017, the Jackson County Office of the Sheriff will be purchasing Body Warn Cameras (BWC) and issuing one to each Deputy. The cameras will be used to document interactions with the public. The use of BWC has been shown to significantly reduce complaints from citizens and reduce resistance from suspects. The footage is also used to investigate  and document crime and citizen complaints made against a Deputy.


Each Deputy is assigned a TASER at the beginning of their shift for patrol. The TASER is another force option that a Deputy can use to confront a resistive subject. TASER's have been shown to reduce injuries to Deputies and resistive subjects when a confrontation occurs.

In-Car Camera System

Each patrol unit is equipped with a mobile camera system that records whenever a Deputy has contact with a citizen. The camera documents the interaction we have with the citizens, documents evidence and helps with citizen complaints made against a Deputy.

Cell Phone Application

The Jackson County Office of the Sheriff has partnered with Mobile Patrol to provide a cell phone app to the public for information. The app contains inmate information, facility information, weather alerts, wanted persons, sex offender information, news, and a way for citizens to provide us with anonymous tips.

Social Media

The Sheriff's Office uses Facebook and Twitter to provide news and information to the public. We post our daily shift activity, press releases, and community events on these pages. 

Consolidated Police Services

Functional consolidation of police services began in 1993. Since then it has evolved into day to day operations. The City of Jackson Police Department and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office have functionally consolidated the following police units to provide the area with the most effective and efficient law enforcement services.
  • Investigative Services - Major Crimes Task Force
  • Special Response Team
  • Evidence Management
  • Reserve Officer Training
  • Southern Michigan Training Consortium